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  • Who can post?
    • Anyone from the Bangladeshi community within the greater Washington, DC / Baltimore metropolitan area.
  • Do I need to register to post?
    • Yes, you need to register to be able to post business listings. However, you do not have to register to browse business listings.
  • Are there any fees to post?
    • No, there are no fees to post. This is one of the many benefits of this site.
  • Is there a limit to how many postings I can do?
    • No, but we recommend not to post the same business listing more than once. Multiple postings of the same business listing will be deleted.
  • Can I use the same login information for multiple posts?
    • Yes, you can use the same login information for multiple postings. This way, you can view all your postings you have made under your account as well as edit them. NOTE: You have to have separate logins and passwords for each section of this site. For example, you have to have a separate login for Events, a separate login for Jobs, and a separate login for Business Listings.
  • Can I make changes to my business listing?
    • Yes, you need to log in with the same username and password to make changes.
  • How can I get updates from EkDesh?
    • You can follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, and/or subscribe to our RSS feed. You can find these links on the right side of our page.
  • What different ways can I search for business listings?
    • You can search business listings by category and location.
  • How do I report inappropriate or vulgar business listings?
  • If I am not able to post, what should I do?
    • Contact us via email at and we will try to resolve your issue.
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